Paytem Jane

Paytem Jane is a spanish singer, dancer, producer,  composer and model that was born in Madrid  on March 26, 1985.

Known in fashion world as "The Goddess", she started working as a professional model by accident.
She dreamt to be a dancer and a singer but an injury at  14 on her left foot forced her to rethink her future.

Paytem debuted at the age of 7 in the world of advertising and at 16 in the catwalk.
But anyway, she was decided to fight for her dreams and she studied Audiovisual Production to work on themusic bussiness.

With or without help, Paytem Jane was going to make it happen.

In 2007, when she finished her studies, Paytem decided to abandon her career as a model, (although she works as a model in occasions) and in 2008, she started working on her first musical work.

On February, 2010, Paytem Jane presented her first single Irresistible and in October 2010, she released the second one, Stupid Groupie.

Like she used to say: