jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

I just can't stop loving you, and I won't.

Earth was not enough for you, heaven is the stage you deserve.

Thanks for being my biggest inspiration, for making me believe that, when they say the sky is the limit…they are wrong.

You will be alive in my heart, soul and mind because, you have made yourself immortal. My love will follow you up to the infinity.

My life would not be the way it is now, if you and your “all” had not crossed in my way. You helped to survive a little girl who was not understood because, she dreamt with making people feel the things you did to me.

Now my dream of watching you performing is broken, I will dream with following your steps the best as I can. I am proud of being your fan and thankful for everything you leave us.

Wherever you are, you will shine on the top, King of Pop.

My prayers and thoughts go to him, the whole Jackson family and fans who today, are so sad as I am. Hope you understand.

Kisses and thanks to all of you!


2 comentarios:

  1. Monica, intuía que tendrías unas palabras para él. Ha sido un golpe muy duro para todos los que le admirabamos. Al leerte me he acordado del meet del Palace, no sé si lo recordarás, hablamos algo de Michael, de que era uno de tus artistas favoritos..y de los míos también.
    Su música, sus bailes, su esencia...nunca le dejaremos morir.Siempre va a ocupar miles de corazones como el tuyo, como el mío.
    Un beso enorme.

  2. Monica te deseo mucho animo tus fans estaremos a tu lado siempre no lo olvides

    te quiere muchísimo