miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

Monica Sanz's Notes: Censurada en Facebook ;P

Monica Sanz want to give opinion about her censured picture and she has done it with a post on her blog. This time, she wrote in spanish so here is the translation:

Today, they have told me that facebook has censured a photography in which I appear.

I recognized that I felt bad when I thought about the possibility of having hurt the sensibility of someone, since according to the persons in charge, the image might turn out to be “cutting, intimidating, pornographic or might incite even to the violence “.

For that reason, I was thinking to say sorry publicly but I don’t want to! I won’t even remove it from the rest of profiles and spaces.

I’m sorry for the disappointment but the image is this one:

I’m sorry if someone has felt offended, but I’m sorry even more thinking about someone for whom this picture seems a sexual experience.

Of course, it isn’t my point of view and I would like that my fans, who have all my respect and that would be the only ones that I apologize, could understand it.

Between the letters I received, there are some of them that belong to very young people, or people that haven’t decided yet to have sexual relations and, honestly, I wouldn’t like them to have an image of sex so boring.

I understand that they cataloged the images as pornographic (which is not the case in this photo), but never the censure, because in my opinion, sex is not bad.

And at last, before knowing that my girls are going to celebrate the anniversary of “Irresistible”, I will gave them, tomorrow, as a present some pictures never published in my country, that were made for promotion, in collaboration with a brand.

Personally, they seems more provocative for me that the censured pictures, but I have to say that during the photoshoot, made on the street, with the daylight, near my hotel in Madrid, two nuns very funny came to greet me, the attent the photoshoot and nothing happened. I wish that the responsible of facebook had, at least, the half of the head and sex that these two nuns…

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