jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Happy time with Monica Sanz

One year ago, we had a digital meeting with Monica Sanz at the fanclub forum. Do you wanna read again what she answered to our questions? Enjoy it!

Hey warriors:

Hi to everyone!

Thank you so much for being here tonight. I was so excited about this moment & being relax with all of you...but they've told me I have an hour to answer aproximately 70 questions and I'm going to answer everything so, let's go!

What do you think when you realize you are a very important person in your fans' life? Díura.

Well, it's something I don't really think about. Sometimes life is hard and if my job makes someone's life easier or makes him/her smile, the mission is accomplished. Fans are too very important in my life.

Do you have any idea of how are your gigs going to be? How would you like them to be? Díura.

It's something I see so far. When I was a little girl I knew exactly how they would be, but I didn't understand about production costs then... I would like them to be intense and energetic.

On the last meet we talked about fan fics... What did you think they were before somebody explained to you what they are? Díura.

I didn't know they existed! I've just searched to remember what they are and I'm regretting ;)

What adjective would you use to describe your fans? Díura.

Well, every person is different but in general, the fans I met in person are really nice but, too respecful. Mi brother says he doesn't know anyone who loves being disturbed like me! The truth is that I feel very happy when somebody comes to say hello.

Would you wear a dress made by a design student? Díura.

Of course! How nice! Does somebody has a dress for me? I wear what I like. I don't think about who made it, nor the price. I've worn dresses from designers that seemed not to have ever studied design! Size 34 (Spanish)! Thank you! ;)

How are you now that you know it lasts just a little bit for the releasing of your album? Díura.

Well, there's no album, but about the releasing of the first single, I'm impacient to know results, critics... And feeling a great illusion. Whatever happens, I've done what I wanted in a way I never imagined!

Do you have any idea about the style you want to have when you start doing your gigs? Díura

Well, yes, but right now I don't want to think about it because it's not possible to me to make gigs and it's very frustrating.

What song already written would you like to have written? Laura bka lolinha.

Very, very difficult! There are many artists and many songs I love and feel indentified with.

If you were a warrior and could make a question to Monica Sanz, which one would it be?

And now on reverse: Being Monica Sanz, what question would you like a warrior to make to you? Laura bka lolinha.

Okl! I got it! Why don't you think twice before speaking?

And about the second... Any question about music is ok!

Do you remember the question you would do to Monica Sanz if you were a warrior? Well, you are Monica Sanz, answer!! Laura bka lolinha

It is maybe because I'm so impacient and can't stay calm and quiet. And also because my ideas are very clear and I know what I want at first. Mi friends say I should be more careful because I'mm like a gun, I say the first thing that comes to my mind, and that also makes me feel very bad. Even when I was a kid I used to answer the teachers and my parents. I've always had troubles with authority because of it...

You always say you're a disaster and talk about your defects, don't you think you're too hard with yourself and barely realize your goods? Laura bka lolinha.

Hard? No, sometimes it's too much... I also think every defect have a possitive side or, at least, from a defect you can take something good. For example, I speak too much and too fast and without thinking what I say, but because of it I answer more questiones in less time in a meet ;) It's true I'm a disaster. I never phone when I'm well after a trip, loose baggage, forget things, I'm very stubborn and sometimes I don't listen... but, when the affected people forgive me I realize how much they love me.

Tell us the hardest one you've done (if it can be told...) Laura bka lolinha.

The hardest ones, can't be told. Every time that special dates come close, as a birthday or Christmas, panic starts because I love givin surprises to everyone and reunite my people that is between United States, Spain, England and Germany, but without them noticing. Resuming: I start lying and lying, and I'm really bad at it, so I make mistakes with ones and other with the most absurd excuses in the world. They love me, so they follow it but, sometimes they had to take an extra-flight. It doesn't matter, they always forgive me because they know I'm much better at making presents!

I've been told you're an amazing dancer, and I love unplugged shows because I think it's where anyone can see the musical skills of an artist... Could we one day see you with an acoustic guitar in MTV? Would you like, or you prefer dancing because you consider you express yourself better making both? Laura bka lolinha.

I think I haven't understood the question... sing, dance and play the guitar at the same time? If you want, I can try it, but I don't promise a brilliant result! Of course, if it's MTV, I play arp if necessary!

I agree that acoustic shows make an artist naked, and that's why I would sing, dance... but I wouldn't play the guitar at an acoustic concert, by now. I prefer the piano or drums better than a guitar and even then, I would think. If you mean singing and dancing while other person plays, there's no problem, I'd do it no doubt.

I hope I have answered...

There are artists that say when they sing something written by them, they feel naked, unprotected, because maybe they're showing too much to the audience... Do you feel like that singing your own songs? Laura bka lolinha.

Absolutely with everyone of them. All the lyrics are mine. It happens even with some producers, sometimes I think: how am I going to show this to them?

Have you ever had to stop recording a song because you got too emotional while singing it? Laura bka lolinha.

Yes, sometimes. There usually are many things behind. But it also has happened the other thing. For example, recording "Irresistible", that is inspired by a definitely special person to me, I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the song because I started laughing.

A line of one of your songs you specially like, because of it's message or for what it means to you. Laura bka lolinha.

Wow, the question is great, but I can't say anything of what's coming...

Do you believe in magic? I don't mean magician tricks... It's that sometimes happen things never thought it would happen, or there are many casualties that it seems impossible that has been by chance... hello_itslaura.

Yes, totally. I believe in magic, coneccion between humans, in destiny and that things never happen without a reason. But I think people can change it. Even, I think I have a Guardian Angel that protects me, because being that impulsive, it's a miracle that I still have my ten fingers and I don't have many accidents.

You have never been accessible, and warriors are worried about you becoming completely unaccessible when your fans multiply when your album is released... Do you think your relationship with your warriors will change? If the answer is yes, what? Laura bka lolinha.

Yes, if the songs go well, everything will change, for good. I know getting info about me is very complicated now, and if everything goes well, that would probably change little by little. You'd see me much more, in many places, I could attend people much and much better. All the change will be possitive.

I understand that it's not easy to find me, but I consider myself an accessible person. I don't feel bad that people comes to say hello, it's very nice, it's my job. Whatever happens, for good or bad, I'll try to keep attending everybody by my website, the fanclub, etc. But I want to stay clear that I love meeting the fans and as much passionate and noisy they are, the best it is! So that's the last thing anyone has to worry about ;)

Will we soon have available more songs on I-tunes? Irresistible is not enough. Laura bka lolinha

Yes, I don't know how much it will last the next single to be released (they're fogiving me to say the title) but I can confirm it. It's beautiful that you see how everything's done since the beginning but it's hard, huh? Sorry...

Where are the 12 kilos you've gained? You're the only woman who gains weight and only your breast has grown!! How do you do that? (in me, everything goes to my butt and my legs, but there's nothing to do) Laura bka lolinha.

But it's easy to see! I think I have gained a lot of weight.

Anyway, before I was excessively thin, I wouldn't like anyone wanting to be like I was a year ago. It's not healthy, it's not beautiful and it keeps a lot of problems forever, not only for the one who suffers it. Things aren't better when you're thinner.

Now, with my new 12 kilos everything's better! It's true my breast has grown, in fact I'm super happy with my new size WITHOUT SURGERY! T-shirts fit perfect! I was a little envy with girls that make any man nervous when they try to look at their face and keep on looking down and, when the firs one stayed nervous, it was fantastic!

I love that my new breasts can be noticed, but of course I've gained weight in general. In fact, you cannot imagine the happiness of being able to use skirts that didn't fit me before!

We've been told some of your producers wants you to start, do everything from the beggining... What's that for you? We won't see you performing at the subway, will we? Laura bka lolinha

Wow! I would love! The truth is that I would performe anywhere I am allowed to, but the subway would be great! Have you seen "Bad", Michael Jackson's videoclip? What a show, huh?

I suppose that if the producer said so, it means that, even having a fanclub, etc, I have to prove everything in music, and I agree.

In fact, I think that's the right way to close people's mouths that think they allow you to record with some producers because of money, because I was a model, because you fuck with one or another, o because you have a contact or something. And, if that way I'm going to learn more, it's much better.

Last year you celebrated your birthday (we after knew it wasn't just that...) with us... Do you have any special celebration for that day this year? Laura bka lolinha.

I'm a bit lost about the last year-thing but, anyway, I don't know what I'm doing this year. I'm receiving a lot of "presents" and I truly think there will be many more significant dates to me in 2010 than just March 26th.

Would you like to make a version of another artist special song for you? Natalia.

The truth is that I feel very respectful and I think it's hard to make better another person has created with its own feelings.

If you were an anonymous person, what would you like to do that you can't do right now? Natalia.

I'll take standing tickets at a concert to jump! Anyway, the reason why I don't do it is not because of anonimate, it's to avoid injuries and... well... because that way I can take some food, and avoid waiting at the wc!

What music is heard in Monica Sanz's car? Natalia.

I listen everything! But not reaggeton... I can't stand it.

AC/DC, Kings of Leo, One Republic, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake or Paco de Lucía! In summer, some sessions from Ibiza's lounges tha my friends send me to try to tempt me to go.

I love rock, pop, electronic music, rap, hip-hop, dance, blues, jazz, opera, zarzuela, flamento... There's no need to mention Michal Jackson, is it? Sometimes I have to listen to myself to try mixes at the studio...

How do you imagine you're first videoclip? Natalia.

I don't know, I don't know if one day I will make one... And don't know what song it would be.

What do you feel when you see people supporting and loving you ? Natalia.

Love and so thankful. I feel it's not only mine, a lot of support. I thank each person who feels in a way a part of my career. Even, being a complicated job, to me it would be great that somebody could live its dream with mine for being by my side from the beginning.

What's the last movie you've seen and what would you recommend to us? Natalia.

"Invictus", I love Morgan Freeman! I recommend any movie he starres in or Johnny -wow wow- Depp.

You're happy starting this musical career and we're willing to hear you singing, there might be really good thinigs but, what do you think it's the hardest of singer's life? Natalia.

I think any job that requires spending a lot of time away from home is the hardest, but I've been practicing for many years and when you're making a dream come true, it's not that hard.

You're a very busy girl and travel a log but... What do you do in a relaxing normal day? Do you like lying on the sofa doing nothiing, for example? Natalia.

I'd love to but I ony can stand it for 5 minutes! I need to be active even when I'm home! I have to get into a film or something like that to stay at the sofa.

What's the most beautiful thing a fan has made for you? There is sure something you cannot forget or you remember in a special way. Maite.

There are many things! I read everything people send and keep all the presents, the letters... everything! I feel so happy that people gets implicated in my career, because I didn't have my family's support, and that makes me feel good. I'll never forget the girls that protested in fron of my producer's studio to be heard.

How many hours do you rehearsal a day? Studio, dancing, etc, we know you got to bed really late (God bless Twitter!!) Maite89.

Thanks for following me on Twitter ;)! It depends on what I have to do, total, aproximately 14 hours a day...

When you start making gigs, something we hope it happens really soon... How do you think it will be singing your songs in front of many people like? I has to be so exciting! I would always end crying... (I'm like that, there's nothing to do) Maite.

I would love it to be very soon, but I don't know! It has to be really exciting. I think my gigs would last an eternity. I've wished it for so long since I was a little girl that I would discard that security would have tto take me off of the stage.

Your producers, in the questions they answered for us, said you played some instruments but you preferred to leave it in professionals. I'd loke to know which ones do you play. Maite.

They've told you that? Probably they refer to when I sint on the drums or press the piano and they make some noise... Kiddiing! I can play a little piano and drums, but I don't think anyone can say I can play any inistrument...

Since now, we've just listened Irresistible, that we love... What's your favourite song in the album? Which one would you recommend? Maite.

Today, there's no album, and because of it, I can't say any title because we don't know what's going to happen with many of the songs. I'm sorry! Anyway, I've written all of them, so it's hard to choose. Oh! And I love you like "Irresistible"!

What so you think when you know someone can get emotional just listening to a song you've written? It will maybe happen when we listen the whole album... Maite.

Wow, thaks for believing in me and my music! I think it's the best that can happen to my songs. I'd love anyone could fall in love while listening to one of my songs or remembered happy moments or helped going through hard times. The truth is that I would like, in a few years, that my music would help you remember good times you've lived and, by now, that you feel identified with something. It's a way to be with the audience ;)

What do you think you can give to the music world? What would you remark of your performance? Maite.

I'm very passional, I don't know what can happen to me while performing! I only know there's nobody in the music industry who wants to be on a stage more than me.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done or would do for an idol? Maite.

I've only had Michael Jackson as an idol. It's very difficult that somebody impresses me so much to go mad aboutit but, when I had my feet injured for the first time, being 12 or 14, I took my crutches and they found me when I was about to take a bus to Zaragoza. I think it was his last gig in Spain.

Choose a film you'd love to make the OST. Maite


I have an existencial doubt... well, we do! Why do you sing that fast??!! Do you want to kill us?? Some of us have failed some exams because of learning the song (and our tongue goes). But, don't worry, we love it!! Maite.

The ones that are going to kill you are your parents if you fail because of it! If you don't pass next time, the next song will be faster.

I love your hair. Please, I need to know what shampoo you use!! hahaha. Maite.

Not you're going to fell a deception... The one at the hotel!! Mi hair suffers a lot. I think the best I can tell you to take care of it is eating well and hidrate it so much. Of course, be careful with the hair pack because, a long time ago, I was going to use my avena one, somebody had changed things at the kitchen and I filled my head with breadcrumbs!

In my case, I'd rather listen to international music, in English or other languages but there are two or three Spanish groups or singers I love. When you speak about your musical likes you have never said any Spanish singer or group. I'd love to know if you listen or admire anyone. Maite.

When I was little, I loved Mecano and my grandma used to play zarzuela for me, ini fact I like. I love Paco de Lucía and Joaquín Sabina. It's not what I listen the most, but I love them.

It is known that famous world is hard and some people get tired of it, what makes you go on with all this? Karly.

Singing is my dream since I was a kid and now you all are another reason, I don't think if one day I am famous I'd get tired of it.

How do you imagine your life in a few years or how would you like it to be? Karly.

I wish I can be involved with music one way or another. In front or behind the cameras. It's the only thing that is clear. I'd love to be a 3 or 5 children mum and living in sunny place.

Is there something in you or n your life you would like to change? If it is, what is it? Karly.

If I complained, you could kill me. I don't have that right, I'm happy even when problems blossom.

What Spanish places would you like to visit? Karly.

All of them! I don't know much Spain but, every new place I go to I love! And the food! I've been to Ibiza, Mallorca, Sevilla, Asturias, Valencia, Barcelona and I was born and lived in Madrid. Sorry! They have just remembered me I posed in Lanzarote and Tenerife!

What song, and what artist is the song that could describe your 2009? Karly.

I can't think it that fast, it has been very intense and emotive to me. Some of the best moments and the hardest have happened then.

Do you think one day you could get tired of music or famous world? Karly.

Music, never, and then each person chooses how to live. By now I'm out of it and my world is my family, my friends and the team, in a close way, I mean. I think letting what surrounds your job have an influence in you depends on the person and what he/she has on his/her head. I don't get flased by anything and have no time for mirages. It's important that people around you are honest and don't always say what you want to listen. I know how hard it was every step I gave iin my life, nobody has ever given me anything done and my priorities are my career, my people and the ones that follow my job that, they deserve all my attention. Anyway, I'm not afraid, I'm coming from fashion world, I think I will survive.

What's the picture of you you like the most? And the one you like less? Karly.

The most, are private and family ones. But being myself alone... The one I gave you with Michael Jackson's shoes, maybe. The one I like less... I remember many jobs from the beginning I will be sure will never be seen, haha. And other jobs I like the pictures, but they have ruined them because of photoshop.

What is the thing you like the most of your fans? Karly.

A big part of them are really active and get so implicated with me and what I do!

What wish would you like to be true this 2010? Karly.

End producing my album and release it!

What is what you like the most of being famous? Karly.

If I am one day, I'll tell you!

Do you google yourself? (If I was famous I would to know what's been said? Carol.

No, I don't use the computer that much, just to leave messages in twitter or check the e-mail. I think I'm not that interesting to be talking about.

And, honestly, no matter if there were 100.000 possitive comments and just one negative, that's the one I would take and would ruin my day, so I don't do it. I feel anger when somebody tells me it's been said something that affects me, that people that have never talked with me judges me for havein created an opinion from something fake and, most of all, people putting word in my mouth I don't say!

What do you feel when you look through the hotel window and see people down there waiting and screaming for you? Carol.

A little anger, because sometimes I'm alone and I'm bored... And it's so funny down there that I would love to join the party.

In March I would know the answer, but now that Michael Jackson isn't here, what's your favourite singer? Carol.

Michael Jacksonl. And he will be forever. I think people don't die until the las person who remembers and keep him alive dies too. And he's got, at least, all my life. I wouldn't be who I am without his music and his messages. Maybe, I'm maybe still alive because of him.

Who would you love to make a duet? Carol.

There are many artists I admire and would be a dream working with, but specially I would love Angus Young could play the guitar in any song I sing. I don't think there are many chances for this to happen.

What's the song you love the most right now? Carol.

Irresistible, of course!

The best song for the runway is... Carol.

“Dreams”, from Deep Dish is an important song for me in that sense. I also like "I like the way you move, from Bodyrockers, it's very sexy and I've also listened to it in the runway, and OST remixes and hip hop.

In september I went to meet you in Madrid and you wrote in my autograph that if I would ever call you the Goddess again, you wouldn't ever talk to me again. why do you feel that angry? Carol.

I know you say it with love, and the person who started all that made it with love too, but there's no need to go that far with it, is it? It's a very hard nick and attracts more critics than anything!! I'm not a "Goddess"!

What is like somebody you don't know says he/she loves you? I mean, fans who follow you, know everything about you, but you don't know about them. Carol.

There's people that makes you feel true affection, many others you can see by far they are fake and want any other thing from you, and there's people that is confused. You can't love somebody you don't know, no matter how many things you know about that person, the same way that people shouldn't judge or hate anyone they don't really know.

Well, don't believe me, loving somebody you don't know its defects can be great... If you don't get to know them!

What do you feel when you know that a person knows everything about you and you didn't know that person existed? Carol.

What a question!! I think you refer to people know you and know general things about you... I don't think it, it is maybe intimidatin, a little embarrasing... But it's just something that is there. I think not so many people know everyting about me, and the ones that know, I know everything about them.

Have you ever been waiting to take the bus and you realized the girl in the commercials in there was you? O something similar, a magazine... Carol.

It's been a while that I don't use public transport, I love driving! But that happened at first, when I was running everywhere. Anyway, maybe that would change now because Ii don't do fashion photoshoots anymore, at that time I didn't identify myself with mi pctures as a model. It was like seeing another girl with my face.

The only time I felt embarrased about it, was one day I picked a bus to make an exam at university and there was a picture of me wearing lingerie on the bus stop. Some guys were waiting there and started making some stupid sexual comments about me, without noticing I was there. I didn't say anything, but I couldn't help looking and I crossed my glance with one of them who stayed embarrased, but maybe he thought I was really similar to the girl on the picture. The important thing is that they shut up and the bus came really fast.

How many cell phones do you have? Carol.

Three ;)

What make up products do you use daily? I mean, what are you favourite brands? Anika.

If I'm not working and can choose, I use a lot MAC because of the colors, but daily I only use moisturizing cream, with a lot of glicerine, because cold hurts my skin, a little coverstick, lashes mask and gloss. That's all!!

How do you do to stand high heels all the night? Anika.

There's no trick, mi feet are used to it! What I do recommend you is not to use shoes for the first time if you don't know if they hurt you or not. Nothing ruins a party more that shoes that hurt. Caring your feet is not bad, hidrate, etc.

Where do you buy your day a day clothees? Anika.

Anywhere! I don't care about the designer, I buy what I like without looking for brands

or prices. I see the patterns and the fabrics. I have really expensive clothees and other ones I couldn't believe its price! You have to be able to wear everyting. I think the style is getting adapted to the situation and the clothes, not always wearing exclussive perfectly fit clothes.

Imagine wining an important music award, who would you like to give it to you? Anna.

I don't even imagine myself winning the award, possibly I wouldn't realize who is the one giving it to me. It doesn's matter!

Seeing your busy life right now, would you start promotiong when it comes or would you wait to rest a bit? Anna.

There's no album. It's very difficult promoting albums, specially from new people... And without a phisic album... but it doesn't matter! I only want to make music and people get it. I'm not going to rest because I have a lot more work in the studio to be done. If the moment of releasing the album comes and everything that comes with it, great, if not, there's no problem if there are downloads. I want more making gigs than appearing anywhere!

Apart from the fans, family and friends' support, who would you like to be supported by, professionally speaking? Anna.

Family and friends apart... You support is more than enough.

What artist would you like to collaborate with in a song? Anna.

AC/DC, for example! But thre are many more, truly, many!

I'm Beatrice, the girl who met you in Hamburg (maybe you remember), mi first question is: did you have fun with me? do you like doing thinigs with fans or is it work fo you? Beatrice.

They write it in my agenda as work, but I love to do it. I'd love to make parties or projects with people who support me, I don't know, videoclips, etc. I love that fans take part and I ove when they show me their fan actions. Definitely, it's not work for me.

What I lived was a dream, Is your job always like that? Beatrice.

More or less, it is. I think I'm a lucky girl, yes.

From the car that was taking me, I saw yours and how you took another way to avoid paparazzis: does that disturb you? how does it change your life? do you care about what they say to you? is there something you feel angry about? what's the hardest thing they've said about you and how does press and comments of people that doesn't know you affect you? Beatrice.

Well, lots of questions for a complicated thing.

I'm not a public interest person and, I understand I'm exposed since the moment there is a web with my name and work in the spotlight, I think I deserve living like the rest when I go to work. But I insist, I'm not famous, there's nothing interesting in me, and I'm not haunted by the press!

What happens, is that is kinda disturbing feeling chased by anyone, even when threre's nothing to hide! It's more curious people that press, really. Since I was very little I had trouble with feeling spied even to hide when playing with other children, and it's something that makes me feel really nervous because, I have many phobias, that I don't want to suffer in front of anyone. Even I close more and more my circle. Theres people who doesn't feel affected for it, but even when it's hard to admit, it's true that I avoid doing many things to avoid the anxiety moment. Things that I would do another way, because it's not bad!

It prejudices me specially because people coming with me feel disturbed and ruin many plannings. There people that spend their time intimidating.

Many time ago I decided aisling from everything people could say, because it's not worthy when is destructive critics or fake news about things I haven't ever done, nor said. I don't even understand why loosing time with something you dislike. The same way I don't understand love, but admiring, someone you don't know, I don't understand hate.

People talk because they want, or because they see the version posted in a blog, have no idea about me, what I do or say, they don't know me, and, painfully, criticising is free, or sometimes is free. The ones who really know me and trully know something, are not going to tell! People only talk about things others invent or opinions without a base.

About any punctual moment with press, I feel angry specially when they put words in my mouth I have never said, or making tricky questions to publish fake news! Thankfully, not all the press is like than. In this cases, I directly denounce but, even then, your image is publicly hurt because the fake has been published, and every person keeps what they want, and sometimes the rectification is late or insuficient.

I hate always repeating the same things because everybody, in the end, take their own conclusions, and I don't have to explain anything to anyone!

Truly, I don't thing anyone knows more about me that myself and sometimes I don't understand why a fake news stays more than what I said. I suppose nobody knows better than me the relationships I have, and if I say I have no boyfriend, I don't have! That's why I think it's better talking to the audience who really is interested and would like that people payed attention to what I say in a video os official comuncations, and the rest, nothing!! But everyone's free...

Really, there was just one thing that has really sink me and was, supossedly to be a error, was published that my parents had divorced... And it has never happened!!

Anyway, I still think my job has nothing to do with this, I haven't ever sold an exclussive, and I haven't ever earned money with an interview, neither spoken about my private life as it was demonstrated with a judged (with the rectification) and I will still like that. I will attend the media when they understand my job and in a personal level, in any case, I would give to the fans that I understand that maybe, they are the ones more interested in knowing if any personal news could affect professional, leve.

And the moment I am right noe, I am only interested in people talking about "Irresistible", I want to stay clear once again that I DON'T suffer anorexia or any injury, I'm healthy, I DON'T have any relationship with anyone and don't think about it, and there'es NOTHING weird in my life. Zero scandals!

What moment you started to know you wanted to be a singer and why? Beatrice.

I can't remember, ever! There's not a moment I decided, it was simple ever.

How people who surround you describe you? Beatrice.

I'm going to copy the last text I received:

"I can't. You make me go mad! You're insatiable, stubborn, uncontrollable, irresponsible, desobedient, irritating, impacient, capricious and a ball*****!!!" and there's more... I will fix it!

If you could make a wish, what would it be? Beatrice.

My album and everybody enjoys it! Health!

Not a "Goodbye"

Mission accomplished! Well, half, because I'm so late!

Thank you so much to everyone with me tonight! I've had a great time!

But, I'm really angry, because I've seen up there there's going to be a party and I havent been invited! Well, it's not that? It says I'm not going and it's only for fans! Why?? Fill me in!!

Now seriously, I hope you had a good time and that "Irresistible" and what is coming make you have a good time! Yo're great and everything's because of you all!

I'm really bad at saying goodbye! I'll keep on writting messages on Twitter when I can and I will write on the new website's blog... This has just started!

Oh! And I can't forget saying thank you to the people that have created monicansanzofficialfanclub.com, everybody at the official fanclub and the ones that have a warrior territory to keep in touch with the world.

Also thank you for your letters, presents, and EVERYTHING!

Now, I have to leave! Take care a lot!



You can dream it, you can do it!

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