miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Monica Sanz's Notes: 13 reasons to believe!

Monica Sanz watched our fanaction video for the Irresistible Anniversary and she wrote a new blog for us! Check it out!

I just can't stop crying! They are why I still believe, and my main reason to wanna follow everyday: my irresistible warriors.

Girls, you are superstars, magical, and I love you so much. Let me add, I have had a great time watching it!

Please, keep your friendship, that's the most important thing. We are a team and I'm nothing without you!

I will never forget this. Thank you so much. It's really incredible how much love you send me! I owe you, forever!

Everybody, let me introduce you:
Bright Mai, wild Laia, kitty Lara, lovely Bea, sexy Erika, gorgeous Lara, beautiful Carla, fabulous Maite, sweet Laura, pretty Aida, dangerous Sarai, precious Anika, smiling Natalia and the kissable girl I don't know the name of, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Love, Monica.

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