lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: My happy bday!

Because of her birthday, Monica Sanz wrote a blog:

Yesterday was insane…I couldn’t write here and I have to thank everybody for their love and best wishes!
Honestly, when I was a little girl and I dreamt with being a singer, I used to say that I didn’t want anybody would know my birthday, for changing my age when I’m older! ( I have to admit that I got angry when I read it for the first time on a newspaper). But days like yesterday makes my point of view changes: everybody was absolutely amazing.

I wanna thank to my magical personal assistant for getting an impressive and original party (one of my cakes had my face!!!) and I wanna thank everybody who wanted to be with me on it!

I also wanna thank everybody who called, sent me messages and say “Congrats!” some way!

Presents are always welcome, haha, and I really love all… so I hope to have one for you all coming soon! (Pleaseeeeee!)

I’d love that all my fans could be with me yesterday phisically but you all guys know you’re always in my mind and heart! Thanks for your “happy birthday” wishes! I love when my birthday is a reason to make a party wherever you are!

Wow! And I also wanna thanks the fan who counted the weeks, days and hours I’ve exactly been alive (although you made me see how old I am) and the crazy presents of the fandom. You rock, guys!

Love you so, so much! Keep rocking!


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