jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

MonicaIsMyName - 28.04.2011

The fanclub told Monica on Twitter that her Birthday Present will arrive so soon and she answered!

@MonicaSanzOFC Oh! Thanks! I <3 it! My last bday present just arrived few minutes ago! I love to receipt presents from you! Love!

@MonicaSanzOFC Mmm, The perfect present would be all of you, my lovely army, inside a box! Have I guessed? Are you tweeting from a big box? hace cerca de 4 horas vía web en respuesta a MonicaSanzOFC

Oh thanks! I’ll wait for you!No matter the time,warriors,my Xmas suprise 4 u is standing by yet,but I don’t forget…maybe soon…Claws up!

hace cerca de 3 horas vía web

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