jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: I’m booked!

Monica Sanz have just received our birthday present and she wrote a blog to talk about it!:
Arriving home and seeing a surprise waiting for me is always a nice “Welcome”.
Specially this days I’m thanking God all the time for having my warriors with me in the fight. I’m having my own “Spanish revolution”, and next weeks are definitive for me, so thank you so much for this present!
Yesterday night I found a really special and lovely book on my bed I really enjoyed. I can’t believe lots of things I read but it was so much fun! I needed it!
It’s incredible you’re living my life that way, and I love you’re living the dream so near to me. Believe me, lots of times in my life I think “I wish all the warriors could be here with me in this moment”, so it’s nice knowing you definitely are.
I just feel ridiculous when I see myself alone not knowing you’re taking a picture, but I don’t really care. I understand you laugh at me then!
I have to admit that I was curious about what you think when you have news or any info (not always real as I can see) about me and I’ve learnt there are things I definitely don’t wanna know! Haha.
I have taken my book in my bag for next days, I’m gonna need your strength.
I know it seems I’m disappeared but I’m not, I’m just missing you, warriors. I love you as always or even more. Thanks for your love, support and presents ;)

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