viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: My first time…

As you all know, Miss Monica Sanz presented a new design a few days ago. Today, Monica Sanz wrote a  blog telling us a little secret!Continue reading to know about it!
Oh my Goddesses!
Please, everybody, go now and check now!
Warrior’s artwork is simply AMAZING. I love it, girls. Good job!
I have to say I just love the way all my fans have such a good taste with their fan actions! You’re unbelievable! First SheisMonica, now MissMonica…what’s coming next? I can’t wait!
The fact I’m writing about this you all know is because, well, I’d like to tell you a little secret, the reason why the final look of MissMonica scared me.
I have had a time when I couldn’t do anything, sometimes because of health, and sometimes because of some reasons about the production, business, blablabla… and I always need to express myself some way.
I guess you all know that I have said I don’t like modelling but I love fashion, so I started to paint so an idiot stuff and…that was my first result!

This long red dress is the first piece designed by myself, so I hope you liked it!
To be honestly I thought about going in it at my next event in Japan but… I don’t trust it could endure till the after show party and I don’t wanna arrive naked, or with my dress undone, so I will trust my body in better hands! Mmm, if you’re good maybe I will let you gossip before!
By the moment, let me know what you think about my little first piece (you can see more pics on I’m so proud of…Would you let me dressing you?

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