jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Monica Sanz Official Fanclub Contest

Hello everyone,

As we said in our post because of the Fanclub’s 3rd anniversay, in this new age, there will be suprises for everybody.

Monica Sanz always keeps her warriors in mind and this time, she wanted to send us a little present to prove.

Despite the anniversary we’re talking about was, in fact, some months ago, we have now five pictures of Monica Sanz, signed personally by her, each one with a little different dedication, for the members of her official fanclub.

As we said in this post, because of the changes that have happened this last months, payment members would have more possibilities in a contest or draw to get, this time, one of the signed pictures.

So, 3 pictures will be drawed to the payment members and 2 for the free members. That means there will be two parallel draws.

Then the draw will be this way:

1 - To participate, you have to be fanclub MEMBER. Remember now it’s free. Here you will find all the information to become a fanclub member. (Remember your information will NEVER be shared with ANYONE)

2 - Before July 14th, inscription’s deadline, you will have to send an e-mail to info@monicasanzfanclub.com telling us you’re interested on being part of the draw including your full name and a valid post address to send you the price if won.
3 - Once we receive all the inscripcions and reached the deadline, a number will be randomly given to everyone who had correctly followed the previous steps (being a fanclub member + e-mail with full name + valid post address).
4 - Once the list is created, it will be published in the forum (only names and numbers)

5 - The draw will be made with a specialized website for it to be totally objective and clean.
6 - Since July 14th, once both draws are made, the 5 winner will be announced on the fanclub’s website and official forum.
If you have any doubt, please contact us as always.



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