jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: Officially dangerous!

Do you remember when some pictures of Monica Sanz were censored? Now, her complete profile on facebook has been disabled! Monica explains us the situation on her blog.
Believe it or not, my facebook profile account has been disabled!!!
It’s not a mistake, Facebook really thinks I’m dangerous… I love it!
The official answer from them is that they are confused about me, and they are not sure about me, it’s the real me…no comment about this!
This has opened my eyes! Maybe they are right, because I don’t even feel myself the same way anymore but, who knows who is me better than me? In fact, fans apart, I don’t think people really know me because of that model thing called Monica Sanz… so maybe this could be the start for a new age.
There is only one thing will never change: I LOVE MY ARMY!
Anyway, I want my page back! Dear friends of Facebook: don’t make me call the warriors…

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