jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: Date of birth!

Monica Sanz…won the bet! We have a new little warrior in our family! Congratulations, mom and dad! Check her blog:
Kyra : 08-10-2011 ( 20″47′ in ; 7′71 lb)

I have no words to explain how proud I am of Arle, she has been so brave!! Kyra and her mom are ok!

As I said (I love that part, haha), Kyra has born today and I wanted to introduce you all, the newest ( 2 hours old in the pic) warrior in the army.

Ah! Guess what? She has born on the world wide day of the female orgasm! It’s fun but I want to make you remember if you want to celebrate this day with a boy, or you’re looking for an orgasm in any other moment, be careful and wise!
One new baby warrior is enough by now ;)
Lots of love, ladies! Enjoy today!

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