viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Paytem Jane & Martin first date!

Thanks to PaytemJaneTV Channel, we can see the moment when Paytem Jane received the official fanclub's Christmas present!

They say...

The moment when Paytem Jane met Martin was caught on camera! Sorry for the quality but I tried my best when the moment arrived! Sometimes it's impossible get something better, but anyway I hope you to enjoy the moment through your spy cam!

I also couldn't recording all the time she was looking at and showing the pictures of the fans to the camera because she took a lot of time for each one!

I wanna thank not only to Paytem Jane, I mean the team of photographers, make up artists, stylists, Paytem Jane's staff and everybody who let me recording this video some way! And of course the ones who didn't... too! Sorry guys, but I have hidden you all anyway!


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