domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

CONTEST: Do you want to appear in the cover for “The Crowd”?

Now you can feel like a #Superstar and see your face in the cover of a real single!

Don’t hesitate to send us ( your best picture screaming and cheering like you will in the SHOW and take the chance.

- Only one person by photograph.

- The more pictures of yourself you send, the more posibilities you have. Try different poses, angles and positions to win your space near to Paytem Jane. Advice: try some picture always from a top point from you and avoid a very close up.

- Just one picture by e-mail.

- Selfies won’t be accepted. Ask a friend for help!

- Marks, controversial messages or logos with no relationship with Paytem Jane won’t participate in the contest. Of course, looking as a real and passional warrior counts!

- Add your approval for using your image for the public cover. In case you are underage, please, ask for a valid permission.

- Don’t forget to write your name, age, country and a telephone number.

- Winners will be announce in the official website.

- Stay tuned to our news for knowing when the contest is closed!

Go now to improve your best SHOW face and let #TheCrowd know you!

Good luck!

Paytem Jane Staff

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