viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

My favorite pictures!

There is no day I don’t think about him but maybe today is one of those days when everybody makes you remember that he’s not going to be back...However I am a super positive girl and his memory makes me smile (ok, not always but the most of the time).

I want to show you my favorite photo! It was taken this summer in Madrid ( Spain, I went back home just for some hours).

It is not my best photo, I am not beautiful in it (now some bitch will say “like in the rest of your pictures”… I care a zero) but it is very, very special for me. In it you can see a pair of Michael Jackson’s shoes (yes! worn by him!). That made my day. As you can see, I am absolutely fascinated by him and I will forever!

I am thankful to one of my best friends because of this special moment, it was a big surprise! Oops! Talking about surprises, maybe I will have a little one for a spanish girl ( I think she is) soon…I need some days to get something…guess?

Take another picture! Look at my face! Do you see my intentions? I would grab the shoes and run away with my treasure! Nah… just kidding! I left them in the Hard Rock Cafe, if you want to go, I hope you can see them too!

Well, I have to go fast or I will be killed but, I will be back soon! Take care and be naughty! God doesn’t rest in peace, he dances on heaven! Wherever you are, Happy Birthday, Michael!


4 comentarios:

  1. En ese mismo lugar estuvimos nosotras no hace ni una semana. Fue un sitio especial y ahora comprendo por que. Eres un cielo Monica!!

    Te queremos


  2. Hola Monica acabo de leer tu entrada en el blog y me he quedado de piedra porque hace unos días fui a Madrid con mi mejor amiga Lari ^^y fuimos allí al Hard Rock y vimos los zapatos de MJ es increible!!!! que pena que no hayamos coincidido en fin otra vez será no??

    muchos besitos!!!!! y no estes triste MJ estaría muy orgulloso de ti por se como eres guapa!!!!!!


  3. =O
    Fue el primer sitio al que fuí en cuanto me levanté el 26 de junio, también necesitaba estar allí y sentirle más cerca.
    Las fotos son geniales Monica.

    I wanna thank you for showin' me the woman in the mirror.

    Smile =)

  4. I think you don't see yourself in the pictures the way we do!! haha!! You're great, it's so nice to know a little bit more about your life beyond music and work.

    We're looking forward to hear something from you soon!!

    Take care of you and everybody you love!!