martes, 11 de enero de 2011

How to become a fanclub member?

We’ve just started this new year and because of this, we want to remind you how to become a member of Monica Sanz Official Fanclub.

To do it, you have to send us the information (they will NEVER be shared or published) we ask in fanclub’s section (fan club's website), where we tell you about the benefits of being member of the fanclub.

From Monica Sanz Official Fanclub’s Staff, we recommend becoming a member during the month of January – February so you can enjoy the privileges of membership throughout the year.

If you want to continue as a member of the fanclub, you have to send us an email to with subject: Renovate member and we’ll explain you what you have to do to stay with us!

If you have any doubt, contact us!

We are waiting for you!


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